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Wolowski County

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Wolowski County

Wolowski County is one of the 26 district counties belonging to the province. From the east, it borders on Trzebnicki County, from the north on Gorowski County, from the west on Lubinski County and from the south on Sredzki, Slaski and Legnicki County. There are different elements defining a location of Wolowski County, among which it is necessary to single out the railway line Wroclaw-Sczecin and Krakow-Berlin, road route Wroclaw-Lubin-Zielona Gora as well as the river route-Odra River.

Wolow, the capital of the county, is situated nearly 40 km from Wroclaw. Industry, tourism, agriculture, food and wood production, trade and services are the main directions of the development. Wolowski County stands out thanks to its good technical and social infrastructure. For the new investments, there are local reserves comfortably situated in the area of the particular boroughs.

Attractive for tourists, the county’s land abounds in numerous forests with a row of dunes, waterway network, river beds and a complex of ponds. The advantages of the landscape, nature and preserved traces of an old culture were the deciding factors in creating the Landscape Park, Jezierzyca, in the borough of Wolow and Winsko on the area of 800 ha. On the border of the boroughs of Brzeg Dolny and Oborniki Slaskie, there is the Nature Reserve, Jodlowice, where there is found a fir forest protected on account of the age-old species of the trees. In Wolowski County, a lot of attractions are connected with the rich history of this region. To the most interesting monuments of Wolow belong: the 15th century Town Hall, ramparts and Piastowski Castle (currently the seat of the county’s authorities), churches from 14th and 17th century; in Winsk-the 14th century church, monastery oo.Carmelites in Glebowice, in Konary- obelisk in F.K. Achard’s honor, creator of the European beet sugar industry. In Brzeg Dolny, there is a palace and park complex founded in 18th century and churches from 16th and 17th century. With no doubts, the most precious monument in the region is the Post Cistetrian Palace and Monastery Complex in Lubiaz, one of the biggest baroque monastic foundation in Europe, situated on the right coast of Odra River.

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